Cat walking hot tips

So my best advice is to put the harness on your cat when they are babies. I did this with my first cat. She has no probs with the harness. My 2nd cat I didn’t do this due to him having many illness issues. He hates the harness.

So heres what to do with a kitty who hates the harness.

Generally your kitty will sit on the verandah or in thier fav window. So put kitty in thier carrier & go outside where they look at when inside. So they can see the verandah they sit on…however they are outside. So they will be scared. Jus give heaps of praise & some treats. Put a blanket in the carrier so they can hide too.

After you have done this a few times. Try taking them into your garden in your arms. Then go sit with them. Most likely they will sit somewhere & take in the big world. I sit outside for about 20 mins with my boy cat…Otis. He isn’t as brave as my girl cat Murphy. She wears the harness. And will walk around the unit blocks gardens with me. Shes always been quite brave. So you have 2 choices.

1. Take kitty outside in carrier to move up to jus going outside with them to hang out. They may walk around but you must follow them always!

2. Walk with kitty on a harness. Its not like you are are walking a doggy. Carry kitty outside to the garden to place them down in the fav spot. You will let kitty walk where they want. You follow there lead..they don’t follow your lead. Remember they are their own bosses & will do what makes them comfortable.

Remember always heaps of paise for kitty.

Always stay with them.

Let them lead you.

If they jus wanna sit & observe…then its what they want.

I usually take my 2 cats outside separately for 20 mins each everyday.

I found out this because I used to have a house & my cats would go outside everyday with supervision. They would hunt lizards,bugs..etc.

Then when I moved into my unit I began to notice they were very depressed. I thought maybe its because they miss the outside big world of bugs.

Thus I started this outside kitty walking. I started to notice the cats spirts lifted remarkably.

I strongly believe that cats in cities should be indoor cats. However as you would take a doggy for a walk treat kitty the same.

Thanks for reading everyone!


I put a clip of otis rolling in the dirt. This is a big thing for cats. They adore rolling on grass & dirt.

Otis has 3 legs & halfa tail. He was tortured by a neighbor who hated cats. Another reason I would never let my darlings outside ever again. Some humans are not very positive & can & will hurt defenseless creatures. Otis has a great life. He doesn’t care about his condition aa much as i do. Cats are resilient & strong. Maybe more than we would be. I will talk more about otis in future blogs.

How to walk a cat outside

Hi there everyone!

This is my vey first blog entry evvveerr!!!

I thought I would talk about how to enrich your cats life by taking them outside for walks or just sits.

When I say walks im not implying walks like you would a dog..haha

That’s very hard for most kitties to do. However if you have an indoor cat its very important to give them outside time like you would so with a doggy. But in a different manner.

Im going to share some tips on how to achieve this with all different cat personalitys…..Tips coming soon….